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喜讯!在刚刚举办的 2021 IIDA 亚太最佳设计奖线上颁奖典礼中,伍兹贝格担任室内设计的郑州针美汇诊所荣获“最佳医疗项目”。评审认为:“精致的材料选择让整个空间充满禅意和现代美。如酒店般的氛围为客户带来的不仅是专业的诊疗服务,更是在轻松惬意的环境中获得康复的独特体验。”

We're delighted to share that Woods Bagot designed Zhengzhou Zhenmeihui Clinic has been awarded as Healthcare Category Winner in the 2021 IIDA Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards Virtual Ceremony. "Beautiful materials come together to create a serene and modern space. They took a hospitality approach to healthcare which brings a sense of warmth and a friendlier, calmer user experience." Jury commented.


Belonging to the Oubang Group, Zhenmeihui is a leading brand of holistic beauty care in China focusing on awakening the body's innate regenerative capabilities with a science-based approach. In its newly completed Zhengzhouclinic, the Woods Bagot team successfully curated a remarkable guest journey -a relaxed, private and specialized medical experience with a full-service offering from Visioning, Interior Design, Styling to Brand and Visual Identity consulting.


Wellness-oriented spaces have become more than just places for pampering and relaxing during the global pandemic. The design team approached the project with the understanding that health is both a feeling and a foundation. So, the principles of the Zhenmeihui space were driven by holistic physical and emotional experiences and built on consistent respect for health, resulting in a design that embodies the company’s philosophy of preservation of beauty, and a spatial narrative of “Timeless Change” that celebrates the balance between preservation and evolution.

郑州针美汇诊所位于郑州市中心一座 19 世纪新古典主义建筑内,诊所共两层约 2,100 平方米。设计摈弃大拆大改的方式,避免不必要的资源浪费。同时,尽可能保留原大楼的结构,通过精心的空间规划来增加场地价值。

Zhengzhou Zhenmeihui clinic spans 2,100 sqm space across two floors within a 19th-centuryneoclassical building in central Zhengzhou. The project saw a breath of new life injected into the building of a once disused site. Harnessing as much of the existing as possible, the major inventions were taken in its spatial planning to enhance the qualities of site and to ensure further demolition and additional resources were not required.


The experience for this new type of clinic saw a unity of all three businesses ofthe master brand - the anti-aging service Zhenmeihui and women’s care service G&H on the upper floor and the Hair Bar on the lower floor - as well as responsed to the company’s commitment from creating an essence of retreat, to tactile tailored services and building supportive community for discerning individuals. Understanding the breadth of services and clientele was key to ensuring the design could support different services to co-exist and thrive off one another.


Beyond defining a distinction between FOH and BOH, the project saw an opportunity for its spatial experiences to extend typically classified zones, where linger, respite and solitude were identified as key journey moments to design for. The use of neutrals, solids and transparency all became the strategy to create a private, respectful, and caring environment that was narrated beyond the project scope lines. Customers will be embraced through a bold yet simple form of a grotto upon their entry. Softness is felt through muted colour and a fine texture and bold forms of arched niches, robust thresholds, and indirect lighting.



Speciality light are required for patient procedures, so clinics rooms are planned inboard along the original building façade. A featured ceremonial walk was designed to take clients to the private clinic rooms and spa-like service spaces, enhancing the circulation experience and giving back the best natural attributes to its guests, while initiating a calming and entrusting environment.


A major proportion of the finish selections and furniture manufacturing were kept local whenever applicable. Eco-friendly materials like rattan and sisal were chosen for their sustainable qualities as well as for its warmth and texture. The air quality of an environment in China is incredibly important for its occupants. The use of wood veneers and zero VOC paints were ensured to maintain a high level of air purity and continue the philosophy of a holistic health experience for its clients.


There has been a rise for the aesthetic medicine industry and Zhenmeihui is an innovation project within this realm. The Zhengzhou clinic sets a high standard for the Zhenmeihui clinics in other cities and create a benchmark for the aesthetic medicine industry in China. With the new brand guidelines, Woods Bagot also delivered a small but significant pilot Zhengmeihui clinic in Changning district in Shanghai. Apart from there two completed branches, Shanghai Hongqiao Zhenmeihui clinic is also on its way to completion, we look forward to seeing its open in 2022.


Shanghai Zhenmeihui Clinic, Changning

项目名称: 郑州针美汇诊所

项目业主 : 欧邦医疗


高级董事合伙人 - 黄馨谚

高级理事,项目设计总监 - Sophie La

主要团队成员: 张玄、郁洋、钱颖

总设计面积: 2,100 平方米,2层

服务内容: 室内设计

竣工时间: 2021 年

摄影师: 田方方

Project Name: Zhengzhou Zhenmeihui Clinic

Client: Oubang Health


Director - Pearl Huang

Senior Associate & Design Leader - Sophie La

Key Team Members: Phoebe Zhang, Yung Yu, Esther Qian

Size: 2 ,100 sqm, 2 floors

Service: Interior Design

Completion Date: 2021

Photographer: Fangfang Tian

2022-01-14 14:35:01