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卢森堡体育场鸟瞰 © Marcus_Bredt

2021年9月1日,一场2022年卡塔尔世界杯预选赛在卢森堡队和阿塞拜疆队之间展开。这是卢森堡大公国国家体育场建成后迎来的第一场正式比赛。在2016年这一足球及橄榄球体育场的招标程序中,gmp·冯·格康,玛格及合伙人建筑师事务所的设计方案在25个竞标者中脱颖而出。新建足球和橄榄球场位于卢森堡市南部,取代了年代久远的原建筑,并在当地建筑师事务所Beng Architectes Associés的配合下建成。

The qualifying match for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar between Luxembourg and Azerbaijan took place on September 1, 2021, and was the first official match to take place in the new Stade de Luxembourg football and rugby stadium. The design by architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) for the Grand Duchy’s national stadium was the successful winner amongst 25 competitors in the 2016 negotiated procedure. The new construction of the football and rugby arena to the south of the city of Luxembourg replaced the outdated previous structure and was built in cooperation with the local practice Beng Architectes Associés.

卢森堡体育场鸟瞰 © Marcus_Bredt


In addition to the design for the stadium itself, the task involved an urban masterplan for the site of about 8 hectares. The new national arena is located on a strip of land that runs from east to west, with the A6 motorway to the north and a planned new road and tramway connection to the south, the latter creating a central traffic and interchange hub close to the stadium.

下沉式停车场 © Marcus_Bredt

在一个下沉式停车场的旁边,卢森堡市 “体育服务”新运营大楼拔地而起。该建筑同样由gmp设计。

Here, in addition to the sunken parking lot, gmp have also designed the new service building for the city of Luxembourg’s Service des Sports.

街景视角 © Marcus_Bredt


The size of the pitch and the facilities at the new arena follow international guidelines, meaning that both the top UEFA stadium category IV and that of the International Rugby Board (IRB) are achieved.

采用了矩形单层看台方案 © Marcus_Bredt


The stadium features an orthogonal layout with a single tier and diagonally-truncated corner areas, with the grandstand reaching all the way down to the edge of the pitch. Towards the south, a building block accommodates the functional facilities for VIPs, the press, players, and officials.


There, directly above the main entrance from the forecourt at the new Boulevard Kockelscheuer, is the access to the business foyer with adjoining press area and multifunctional room, which can also be used independently of sports events.

最高点安装了球场照明设备 © Marcus_Bredt


The loadbearing structure of the grandstand roof consists of a grid of double-angulated steel girders that are tapered to reflect the internal forces; the grid of girders rises from all sides of the arena and, at its highest point, carries the pitch lighting system.

体育场内部 © Marcus_Bredt


With its 9,900 seats, the new stadium is rather small in relation to global standards. For this reason, the design was aimed at creating the atmosphere of a football arena also at this scale while also, at the same time, achieving a significant presence in the urban ensemble. To achieve this the designer developed a uniform facade structure, as well as a simple geometric loadbearing structure.

简洁而富于质感的支撑结构 © Marcus_Bredt


The diamond-shaped folded metal plate structure of the facade has a unifying effect on the overall volume of the building. In addition, at the second level high above the building and seen from outside, the line of lighting fixtures marks the dimensions of the pitch.

室内空间 © Marcus_Bredt


The diamond-shaped folded metal plate structure of the facade has a unifying effect on the overall volume of the building. In addition, at the second level high above the building and seen from outside, the line of lighting fixtures marks the dimensions of the pitch. At this exposed site, this creates a dynamic and sculptural feature that can be seen by both stadium visitors and those driving by. The effect is particularly noticeable at night, when the pitch lighting and the illuminated facade structure radiate out to the city.

夜色下的外立面 © Marcus_Bredt

卢森堡市政府和体育部计划于2021年9月25日为体育场举行正式揭幕仪式,随后是2021年9月26日的 "公共开放日"。

The official opening by the municipality and the Ministry of Sport has been scheduled for September 25, 2021 and will be followed by an “open door” event on September 26, 2021.

外立面 © Marcus_Bredt

立面构件细节 © Marcus_Bredt


项目负责人:Jörg Greuel

设计人员:Roman Hepp

合作设计:Beng Architects Associés 建筑师事务所

结构设计:斯图加特sbp 施莱希工程设计咨询有限公司/卢森堡 TR Engineering

机电顾问:科隆ZWP / 卢森堡LuxauTec

媒体技术:贝吉施格拉德巴赫Graner und Partner

项目监控:Paul Wurth Geprolux SA.




Design Volkwin Marg with Christian Hoffmann

Project Lead Jörg Greuel

Team Roman Hepp

In association with Beng Architectes Associés

Structural Engineering schlaich bergermann partner, Stuttgart / TR Engineering, Luxembourg

Services Engineering ZWP, Cologne / LuxauTec, Luxembourg

Media Technology Graner+Partner, Bergisch Gladbach

Project Management Paul Wurth Geprolux SA.

Client Ville de Luxembourg, Direction de l‘Architecte, Service Bâtiments

Seats 9,900

Construction Period 2017–2021

总平面图 © gmp Architekten

体育场顶视图 © gmp Architekten

首层平面图 © gmp Architekten

二层平面图 © gmp Architekten

地下层平面图 © gmp Architekten

剖面图 © gmp Architekten

剖立面 © gmp Architekten

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