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园中望向东北视角日景夜景 © CreatARImages


At the beginning of 2018, gmp Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners came out first in the design competition for Suzhou Yangcheng R&D Industrial Park. The Project is favorably sited by the Yuanhetang River in High-speed Railway New Town, XiangCheng District, Suzhou, adjacent to Suzhou North Railway Station on the north, with a site area of about 120,497 square meters.


Completed at the end of 2020, the Project is owned by Suzhou Yangcheng R&D Industry Co., Ltd., and envisioned to create a modern, high-tech, high-comfort, green and energy-saving research office environment for emerging sci-tech and cultural enterprises.


The design concept is inspired by the Humble Administrator‘s Garden in Suzhou, which is famous for its open and clear scenery, diversified themes and layered patterns. In gmp‘s design, the industrial park buildings, like water pavilions, are integrated with the human-scale gardens featuring streams meandering through hills and clear spring water reflecting stones and flowers. A garden landscape is thus formed at the center of the site, where buildings of different volumes are staggered with landscape spaces, and a traffic network spreads in the form of diversified accessible visual corridors. Between the buildings, landscape and road network, large and small public squares naturally take shape, where employees and visitors can rest and communicate.

苏州拙政园构成肌理图 © gmp Architekten

设计概念演绎:建筑在园中 © gmp Architekten

建筑在园中 © CreatARImages


The industrial park buildings consist of five major parts, that is, three R&D building clusters, one exhibition building and one academic exchange conference center.

设计概念与功能布局 © gmpArchitekten


The exhibition building is sited at the south main entrance to the industrial park, occupying the core location in the industrial park. Three R&D building clusters and the academic exchange conference center are sited in the east, west and north of the site, surrounding the exhibition building.

展览建筑南立面 © CreatARImages


The main entrance of the exhibition building is in the south of the site, and together with the academic exchange center, it defines the tone of the urban interface. The entrance square of the exhibition building is the most important public open place in the park. The three functional areas are arranged in longitudinal direction and divided by the core. All middle floors are used as exhibition spaces and connected by escalators. F1 also has a multi-functional hall. The east and west sides of F1 and F2 are large exhibition halls that can be partitioned flexibly, while F3 and F4 provide office and meeting spaces.


The exhibition building features a large-area continuous facade, which is enclosed and has transparent glass only at the north and south central axes, highlighting the main building entrance in the south to guide visitors in, and oriented towards park landscape in the north to lead visitors to tranquil courtyards with small bridges over flowing water.

展览建筑(右侧)北面园区景观© CreatARImages


The conference exchange center consists of three buildings, namely, two conference centers and one talent apartment. The main entrance of the conference exchange center is positioned in the south of the site, with escalators installed in the entrance lobby leading to all floors. F1 and F2 are equipped with staff dining halls and activity centers. F3 and F4 provide meeting rooms of different sizes and large lecture halls. On each floor, there is also a kitchen for food preparation.

会议交流中心南侧效果图© ATCHAIN

产业园西侧入口处望向园区© CreatARImages


The main entrance of the talent apartment is in the west, facing Yuanhetang River. On F1 and F2 are lobby reception area, breakfast area and fitness area. The upper floors are equipped with various types of guest rooms and suites.


The R&D buildings are divided into three building clusters: Cluster 1 and 2 have two large buildings and three small R&D buildings, and Cluster 3 has two larger buildings and two buildings of slightly smaller floor size.

组团建筑构成肌理图 © gmp Architekten


Each R&D cluster consists of three parts: the main building, the main building podium and a small R&D building. F1 of the podium is for experiments, offices, simple meals and rest, and F2 offers large scientific research rooms. The main building has a floor area of about 1,960 square meters on each floor, all intended for scientific research purposes. Some of the small R&D buildings, which are separate from the podium, can be rented or sold independently.

西南视角夜景鸟瞰效果图© ATCHAIN


Buildings of the R&D clusters and conference exchange centers adopt vertical components of light-colored metal panels on the facade, and some curtain wall units are equipped with operable windows for natural ventilation. The vertical components also provide sunshading function. With varied angles formed between their sunlit and backlit sides and the glass facade, they not only save energy but also ensure unobstructed views into the outside.

研发组团三北侧视角© CreatARImages

从会议交流中心北面向东望园区© CreatARImages


All the building clusters are basically consistent in façade design, and differentiated only by density of components, variation in vertical grouping and horizontal division, realizing high-level visibility and consistency in facade visual language in the entire park. Walking along the internal and external roads of the park, one can experience the attractive alternation of transparent and enclosed, void and solid spaces, which further reinforce the holistic and harmonious image of the industrial park buildings.

研发组团二立面细节© CreatARImages


Externally, the building clusters are connected by the ring road in the park. The entrance square area of the clusters is designed with landscape of all four seasons, to echo with the central landscape of the park. The curtain wall components at the entrance to the clusters adopt different colors corresponding to the four-season theme to enhance visibility. The entrance of each building cluster is further distinguished by varied color saturation and lightness, thus realizing a more complete and orderly outdoor signage system in the park.

研发组团三入口广场© CreatARImages

研发组团一东立面细节© CreatARImages



竞赛阶段项目负责人:Heiko Thiess

竞赛阶段设计团队:吴霞, Nicole Flores, Peter Brändle, 曾纬昊, Urs Wedekind, 李亚冬

实施阶段项目负责人:Heiko Thiess

实施阶段设计团队:吴霞, Nicole Flores, Peter Brändle, 曾纬昊


工程管理:方敏, 缪钰玮


景观设计:WES 魏斯景观设计


总建筑面积: 34万平方米


Competition 2018 – 1st Prize

Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze with Marc Ziemons

Projectleader competition Heiko Thiess

Competitionteam Xia Wu, Nicole Flores, PeterBrändle, Weihao Zeng, Urs Wedekind, Yadong Li

Project leaderimplementation Heiko Thiess

Implementation team Xia Wu, NicoleFlores, Peter Brändle, Weihao Zeng

Project Management China Pan Mei

Site Supervision Fang Min, Miao Yuwei

Detailed Design Partner Office TongjiArchitectural Design (group) Co.,Ltd.

Landscape Design WES Landschafts Architektur, Hamburg

Client Suzhou YangchengR+D Industrial Co. Ltd.

Total GFA 342748,34 m²

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